The Bootcamp Edition

A 5-day Coaching Program for Young Women

Helping you build your inner leader for the outside world.

For young women who want to close the gap between their competence and their confidence.

Competence and Confidence.

To be a leader, you need both competence and confidence. Competence is demonstrated through credentials, degrees, diplomas, and experience – and you are on top of all of that. However, it is your confidence that may be suffering. Designing your dreams, setting your goals, supporting your friends, posting on social media, going to class, writing papers and exams, maybe you also volunteer and are working on the side. It’s exhausting, and sometimes you may feel more insecure than confident, more alone than connected and more scattered than focused. You don’t know what your future holds and that makes you anxious at times. Sometimes the pressure to be perfect or to be in control can be overwhelming and your confidence wavers.


Leadership Presence is Where Your Leadership Brand Comes From

Strengthening your leadership presence – how you show up in the world for yourself and the people around you – builds an authentic confidence that is unshakable. Like building your core muscles, this is an inside – out job.


I want to help you to…

Achieve success.

The world needs more women who are empowered to lead like women. To achieve that we need more young women leaders like you, women who are smart, ambitious and keen to make a difference.

Strengthen your leadership presence…

so that you can consistently embody a powerful, authentic, and feminine confidence that cannot be shaken by anyone or any situation.

Feel the difference in all areas of your life as your confidence grows and to…

get out of bed each day with enthusiasm for the self-leadership you’ve created for yourself. To enjoy the freedom that comes from being authentic, connected, in-control, whole, and clear.

What can you expect from Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising: Bootcamp Edition?

Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising is my 5 day boot camp coaching program designed for Post-Secondary women like you who want to close the gap between their competence and confidence. The Bootcamp is usually held over 5 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays and is comprised of  between 5-9 young women like you.

During the program, I will work with you as your trusted coach and confidant with customized support and expert guidance. You and I will work through five key developmental themes – called the Pillars. These are essential to guiding your development and creating a signature leadership presence that is uniquely yours.

The program focuses on developing your inner presence because getting your inside right will get your outside right – what is right for you as defined BY you.

At its core, the program will help you embrace a new way of thinking, being, and doing.

I’ll guide you on a journey where we will work on a unique set of 5 practice Pillars where you are:

  • Authentically you

  • Connecting with people who support and lovingly challenge you

  • Driving your destiny

  • Living a more whole life

  • Gaining more clarity

All of your exploration, reflection, learning, change, and action in these five Pillars will be what transforms your current leadership presence into your signature brand.

Women work with me because of my passion, drive, and sense of fun. They value the love, humour, depth, and scope I bring that opens up insights and possibilities and offers a path forward  to nailing their leadership presence. 

I focus on the kind of person a leader is: someone vibrantly alive, sensitively attuned, and deeply creative; someone who keeps looking ahead to see the future that is coming; who builds the capacity of others; and who works to bring agility, resilience, and respect to every situation.

The Bootcamp Program

My program gets you working on your inside, it will amplify your inner strength and ability to not be thrown off your center. This is for you if you want to be seen and heard as a leader who is authentic, powerful and feminine. All this, within a supportive community of other young women like you who are also stepping into this courageous place.

Don’t wait! This program will sell out, so if you are interested, reserve your place immediately!

Welcome Package

Developing your signature leadership presence means making changes to your life that takes time and preparation.
Clear out your personal and professional life to get ready to receive all that this program has to offer.

Master your time, remove energy leaks, get clear, willingness to commit, and set powerful goals.

Pillar 1: Be Authentically You

The goal here is to get you on a more authentic path through greater self-awareness, prioritized and more aligned values to live, vision for the future, and greater belief in yourself. This means that your daily actions are in concert with your deeply held values and beliefs.

Being confident comes from being true to yourself and to others. This is the mark of a true leader that others want to follow because they can trust you.

Pillar 2: Live a Whole Life

Choosing to live authentically means that you want to invest your precious life on living your purpose. A leader who mindfully lives her purpose and helps others to do the same is someone others will follow.

Here you will explore and implement techniques to help you live a whole and balanced life, a life driven by purpose.

Pillar 3: Be Clear
A woman with leadership presence has a clear and realistic picture of who she is (strengths, weakness, needs, limitations, and preferences) and how she fits in the world so that she can navigate effectively through life.
Pillar 4: Drive Your Destiny

Having a purpose is what drives us to find our way and as a leader, you need to activate the personal purpose in others. Effective agency (the desire to control your life and excel) is necessary because it helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.

The focus here is acting assertively on your own behalf and developing effective agency by making things happen for you rather than letting things happen to you.

Pillar 5: Grow Your Tribe
According to research, an inner sense of connection to other people is the central organizing force in women’s development. You will learn and will begin the work of building, maintaining, and nurturing important relationships as a source of joy, comfort, health, feedback, and meaning.

Program Sources

This program is based on the thought leadership and research from:

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