It’s pop quiz time. Match the leadership archetypes with leaders who embody them.
Here are your archetype choices:

The RebelThe Explorer | The Truth Teller | The Hero | The Navigator | The Knight | The Inventor

Here are your leader choices:

Jeff Bezos
Sheryl Sandberg
Winston Churchill
Walt Disney
Malala Yousafzai
Mother Teresa
Elon Musk

Got it figured out? Excellent. Spend a few moments thinking about which of those leaders most resembles your leadership style. Ask yourself, do others experience you as you see yourself? Are you flexible in your leadership style?

Leadership gap

Want to learn more? In Lolly Daskal’s book, The Leadership Gap, she introduces us to a system of seven archetypes that will help you view yourself objectively so that you can identify the gaps you face as you work towards greatness. Check out the summary of the book to see how you did on the quiz and to learn more about the archetypes (watch, listen to or read the full summary here today).

Alexandra Salamis

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