Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising

A unique, must-experience coaching program I designed for women who want to strengthen their leadership presence.

Are you stuck in old routines and habits that no longer serve you?
Would you like to rediscover a sense of purpose in your life?
How alive and passionate do you want to feel about what you are doing each day? How you feel about you, influences your presence in the world.

Being solid about who you are, what your purpose is, what you need to change, and what’s important to you, is what will help you successfully navigate through life – particularly in challenging times.


Women in Leadership with Alexandra

by Contact Talk Radio

Unlock your full potential

Deep down you know that you have distinct gifts, abilities, and talents that are rooted in who you are. You can unlock this potential with Purpose, Passion, and Presence, you will…

Lead from a place of authenticity, clarity, connection, drive, and wholeness.

Have your deeply held values and beliefs drive how you are as a leader.

Act comfortably assertive on your own behalf.

MAKE things happen FOR you rather than LET things happen TO you.

Make your personal and professional life the best it can be.

Be admired and respected as a leader with presence.

Be a leader who is powerful, authentic and feminine.

Premium Edition

A 16-week personally guided one on one program to develop your leadership capabilities and credibility.

Women’s Suite

A 12-week cutting-edge group program for women to develop their signature leadership presence.


A 5 day group session designed for ambitious, young women who want to close the gap between their competence and confidence.


What Is Leadership Presence?

Do you ask yourself these questions:

What is my true purpose and am I really living up to my full potential?

What do I need to deal with to have the courageous conversations I need to have?

I know a better world is possible and I want to be a part of that – what can I do to make that happen?

How can I take my rightful place at the table, to influence and engage others?

Leadership presence is how you show up. Much of it is wordless. The way in which you have an impact on others is often not about what you say to them, but how you are with them and how you make them feel. It’s about the one story you tell yourself and others, and the way you act, connect and treat people.

Leadership presence is a life skill. Not only is it important for leaders, it’s important to all who want to LEAD their lives with purpose and passion.

There has to be authenticity, and clarity from the inside out. I am talking about your inside story to yourself and your outside story to others. Your two stories have to align, otherwise, it’s fragile and won’t hold up under pressure.

The benefit of leadership presence is that you walk in the world self-assured and feeling more confident. It comes from within you, it’s not something that you can fake. Besides being inauthentic, faking takes a lot of energy, that energy you could be using to make your dreams happen.



About Me

As an award-winning executive, a Certified Leadership Development Coach, and a Forbes Coaches Council Member with two Masters degrees, I work with current and aspiring women leaders to strengthen their leadership presence. My coaching program is about awakening your impact!

Hi, I’m Alexandra Salamis and I think that if you’re still reading this that it’s time for you to take action!

I believe the world needs more women who are empowered to lead like women. We need more women leaders like you – women who are smart, ambitious and keen to make a difference. I want to help you consistently embody a solid feminine confidence that cannot be shaken by anyone or any situation.

Do you want to be the kind of leader who is powerful, authentic and feminine?  Are you ready to make a big change in your life but lack the support, the courage, and the path to take? I don’t want you to just keep dreaming. I don’t want you to be living with regret; rather I want to help you get into proactive action so you can turn your dreams into reality.


After just one session, Alexandra opened my eyes to how to approach my goals, how to “lead my life”, and how I could incorporate all of my passions into a career I love.

Alexandra listened so carefully. She is charismatic, strong, positive, and so funny! We laughed and connected in such a short time.

Since seeing Alexandra, I have been able to organize my thoughts and goals which resulted in being accepted in grad school! I want to thank her for her positive leadership and strong feminine influence. I hope that she never stops helping women reach their full potential.

Find Your Balance.

Set Your Goals.

Take A Challenge.

Reward Yourself.

Maybe You….

  • Believe that real deal leadership calls for authenticity. Being authentic takes courage in trusting your own style. 
  • Are up against the glass ceiling, but know that it has cracks and you want to be part of the growing number of women and men breaking through.
  • Know that the world needs more women leaders like you, whose leadership presence is NOT about control, domination and one-upmanship; rather it is more inclusive, compassionate and emphasizes the greatest good.
  • Are left with no choice but to unconsciously emulate more male styles of leadership and interaction, leaving you to operate in a split state of being unable to be truly you.
  • Think that strengthening your Leadership Presence is about becoming something that you’re not; actually the opposite is true – it’s about being more of who you already are.
  • Want to feel more confident in your unique expression of power, influence and leadership and you need to devote time to valuing what that is, and naming it.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!