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Our executive leadership team was embroiled in conflict and low trust between members was palatable. We worked at crossed purposes with each other. We were a team in name only.

I realized that this was seriously eroding our effectiveness in providing leadership to the organization and quality to our clients. Alexandra Salamis walked into a minefield and created an atmosphere from the start that was non-threatening, safe yet challenging at the same time. She provided the platform from which we could respectfully address the root causes of our conflict and mistrust.

From the beginning, I was skeptical about us becoming a true team again. With authenticity, courage, patience and good humour, Alexandra skillfully worked with our team to turn conflict into cooperation and suspicion into trust. She did a phenomenal job! I highly recommend Alexandra for those who need help with creating and sustaining a high-performance team.

Nicholas M.

President, Montreal, Quebec

I came to work with Alexandra Salamis at a turning point in my life. Call it good timing, chance or fate but meeting Alexandra was a life changer. She opened my eyes to realities and new opportunities and she provided me with the tools to put them in place. She not only offered professional, ethical and knowledgeable coaching but went beyond the call of duty by providing a supporting ear, demonstrating empathy and often using humour and her communicative laugh to help me get through difficult moments. I am grateful to call Alexandra my coach, my guide and now my friend.

Gwen M.

Manager, Ottawa, Ontario

I had the privilege to be coached by Alexandra as part of her Purpose, Passion and Presence for Women Rising coaching program. My work with her has increased my awareness of my environment and behaviours and helped me gain confidence in expressing my true and feminine leadership presence. Thanks to her dedication in helping women rise, I feel not only empowered to be more authentic and lead with my best self, but also supported by a network of empowered women that Alexandra champions. Her dedication and passion is definitively contagious.

Chantal A.

I was part of Alexandra’s Change Management team, working on the organization’s first-ever Business Transformation Project. During this time Alexandra’s responsibilities grew as the Assistant VP of Organizational Development and Change Management. While on the team, she took on the role of coach to all Senior Members of the Project Team, providing invaluable advice and support. Alexandra Salamis is highly effective and comfortable working at both the operational and strategic level. Alexandra’s trust in her team’s abilities was empowering, she was always there to listen, bounce ideas off and provide support with a personal and human touch whenever needed. She respected her teams’ knowledge, experience and contribution to the project and led the team with integrity.

Patsy D.

Business Partner, Ottawa, Ontario

Before working with Alexandra Salamis I had a couple of work experiences where I realized that I was not as trusted as I thought I was with some people at work. As their director, this realization blindsided me and bugged me constantly. I spoke to a friend who suggested that coaching might help. My friend recommended Alexandra because he had worked with her and had great success. At the beginning, I was quite self-conscious. She was great at putting me at ease. She opened the door to me looking at myself from a place of self-compassion and curiosity. Through our sessions, I learned how to better align my well-meaning intentions with my words and actions with others. This has turned out to be a game changer! I highly recommend Alexandra as a coach for people who are interested in making some real changes.

John M.

Manager, Kingston, Ontario

After just one session, Alexandra opened my eyes to how to approach my goals, how to “lead my life”, and how I could incorporate all of my passions into a career I love. Alexandra listened so carefully. She is charismatic, strong, positive, and so funny! We laughed and connected in such a short time. Since seeing Alexandra, I have been able to organize my thoughts and goals that resulted in being accepted in grad school! I want to thank her for her positive leadership and strong feminine influence. I hope that she never stops helping women reach their full potential.

Kelsey L.

I’ve worked with Alexandra Salamis on a number of projects as well as being coached by her. I highly recommend her for any potential coaching or consulting engagement. She is thoughtful and professional; frequently providing out of the box solutions to seemingly intractable problems. I’ve had a number of coaches in the past and in my experience, Alexandra is the best of them all. She is knowledgeable with extensive hands-on C-suite business experience and expertly manages to walk the fine line between challenge and support.

Chris L.

Partner, Ottawa, Ontario

I had been working for a company for two years and during that time I completely lost myself. I lost my self-confidence and began to doubt myself as a leader. I was unable to stand up for myself when my abilities were questioned. In meetings, even though I had contributions to make, I remained silent for fear that my ideas were not good enough. My leadership presence was non-existent and I worried that not only would I not be considered for promotions, that I could get fired. I tried different things to restore my confidence, but what I really needed was a solid program to get me into learning and action mode.

A friend of mine told me that she had heard Alexandra speaking at a conference about her leadership presence program “Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising”. I checked out the website, booked a discovery call, spoke with Alexandra and signed up!

The program was a real turning point for me both personally and professionally! It was a lot of work, but work that I needed to do on myself, for myself. At first, I was a little nervous, but Alexandra’s loving and light-hearted sense of fun and focus was a great balance that helped me to not be so critical of myself. The modules were exactly what I needed to tackle many parts of my life that needed attention and change. I learned so much about me, how to lead others, my self-defeating patterns, and what true leadership presence is. I am more authentic and way more self-confident. My path forward is clear. Since the program, I am confidently looking for new advancement opportunities. I highly recommend this program. It has been a life changer for me.

Jill S.

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