Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising

Become a happy, more confident and relaxed leader who is listened to, respected and who makes her mark on the world around her. You can excel and enjoy it too.

Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising is a must experience coaching program designed for women who want to strengthen their feminine leadership presence for themselves and the world around them.

What is Leadership Presence?

Deep down you know that you bring to the table distinct gifts, abilities and talents that are rooted in who you are and the difference you want to make in the world.
But you feel insecure, hesitant and uncertain about your unique expression of leadership your leadership presence.
For many, the concept of Leadership Presence is hard to nail down in words yet you know it when you see it in others, but unsure of how to get it for yourself. I define Leadership Presence as leadinyourselanotherwityour authentic besself”. Leadership Presence is your brand.
You wonder why others seem to be easily progressing and for you, it seems to be an insurmountable struggle then my program, Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising is for you.

Dear Woman Rising,

You’re maxed out, you aren’t having the influence and impact you want, and you struggle with not having the wholeness you desire in your life.

Your life is hectic, yet you can’t shake your desire for something more. You long for a more purposeful, passionate and abundant life.

You wish to be the kind of leader who is vibrantly alive, sensitively attuned, and deeply creative; someone who looks ahead to see and act upon the future; who builds the capacity of others; and who brings their true self to every situation.

You yearn to be more true to yourself because you know that authenticity and clarity will free you.

You want to strengthen your connections, for important relationships bring joy, support, and meaning to your life. You dream of making more things happen rather than letting things happen to you. You can feel the wisdom of needing to get your own house in order. It is your self-leadership that will define and refine your signature leadership presence to the world.

You know that leadership isn’t about a title or a certain personality type. To lead with presence is to exemplify something bigger than you. To do that you must strengthen your capacity to respond fully to every situation, moment by moment, with everything that you are. You are capable of this.

Women become leaders by internalizing a leadership identity (our presence) and developing a sense of purpose. This requires taking action and getting out of your comfort zone. It can often feel uncomfortable or perhaps just too much to take on right now and we often choose not to take action. However, it is that choice of inaction that complacency and comfort that will stall your ambitions.

When we stop taking chances and choose inaction over action, we stop creating the conditions for growth and change and improvement. It also invites others to make assumptions (right or wrong) about your ambition and desire to be a leader.

You want to achieve the kind of success that reflects the truth of who you are. You want the kind of presence that leaves people feeling important and valued.

But you don’t know how or where to start.

In short, you want to get off your treadmill so that you can confidently get into the driver’s seat of your life.



you desire…

  • to make your dream personal life and professional life a reality.
  • to lead from a place of authenticity, clarity, connection, drive, and wholeness.
  • to act comfortably assertive on your own behalf.
  • to make things happen rather than letting things happen to you.
  • to have your deeply held values and beliefs drive how you are as a leader.
  • to be admired and respected as a leader with presence.

and most of all…

  • to confidently lead your life and others with purpose, passion, and presence.

the core problem

You’ve been working diligently to increase your skills and abilities as a leader in your own life and in working with, and leading others. You are a competent and talented leader, a woman who wants to rise. Yet you aren’t feeling the confidence you need to express your leadership presence. Does fear stop you from putting yourself out there even though you desire to live larger? You know it’s time to close the competence and confidence gap but you don’t know where to start.

maybe you are

… thinking that some people just have leadership presence; they’re born with it. As a coach, I help many successful leaders focus and work hard on strengthening their leadership presence. 

The reality is that everyone can strengthen their leadership presence.

… feeling that the fake it till you feel it approach isn’t for you? It’s not about faking it or pretending to be something you’re not. It’s about developing yourself, in such a way, that your inner leader shines out!

… afraid to be authentic. It takes courage and trust in your own style of being to confidently lead others. Being confident means being true to yourself. This is the mark of a true leader, the kind you want to be the kind you need to be.

… feeling that you are up against organizational, career-advancement, and reward systems that are based on the traditional life patterns of men and are therefore less welcoming to the patterns of women as primary caregivers, (as well as other roles)?

… feeling you are up against the glass ceiling and you want to be part of the growing number of women breaking through it?

… knowing that the world needs more women leaders like you whose feminine leadership presence is NOT about control, domination, and one-upmanship; but rather, it is more inclusive, compassionate, and emphasizes the greatest good in order to facilitate true and effective change.

… unconsciously emulating a style of leadership and interaction based on command and control, which leaves you feeling split between how you want to be and how you think you should be?

… thinking that strengthening your Leadership Presence is about becoming something that you’re not; actually, the opposite is true, it’s about being more of who you already are.

… believing that the unconscious bias against women is too big to tackle? This may be preventing you from even stepping up to the plate to rise as a leader. The good news is that diversity and inclusion are gaining momentum. The time for you now!

.. want to feel more confident in your unique feminine expression of power, influence, and leadership? If so, you need to devote time to valuing what that is and naming it so that you can model it in your personal and professional life.

Isn’t it time to release your inner leader by closing the gap between your competence and your confidence?

take a deep breath

You’re so close to your dream of having the leadership presence that defines and shouts out who you are.

Stop worrying, stop stressing, and stop repeating the same stories from your past about your future. This is about awakening your impact!


I’m a Leadership Development Coach, who thinks that if you’re still reading this then it’s time for you to take action!

I’m ALEXANDRA SALAMIS, an award-winning executive, a Certified Leadership Development Coach, and a Forbes Coaching Council Member with two human-centred Masters degrees. I work with current and aspiring women leaders to strengthen their leadership presence so that they can strengthen their impact in their personal and professional lives.

I know what you’re going through right now.

Years ago, as an executive, I was told that I lacked executive presence and as a result was passed up for a promotion. I was crushed!

fast forward to today

I am thriving as President of my own coaching and consulting company.

I work internationally online as a Leadership Coach and Consultant primarily with aspiring and current leaders, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and start-up founders.

I am invited to conferences to speak and am a Forbes.com contributor.

i want to help you achieve success. The question is why?

The answer is thworlneedmorwomewharempoweretlealike women. To achieve that we need more women leaders like you, women who are smart, ambitious and keen to make a difference. I want to help you strengthen your leadership presence so that you can consistently embody a solid feminine confidence that cannot be shaken by anyone or any situation.

i want you…

… To get out of bed each day with enthusiasm for the self-leadership you’ve created for yourself. To enjoy the freedom that comes from being authentic, connected, in-control, whole and clear.

…. To feel the difference in ALL areas of your life as your confidence grows.

for some women, it is their mindset that is holding them back!

when an opportunity to step up comes their way, they start thinking. . .

… This won’t work for me.

… I’m not confident enough to start.

… I don’t have what it takes.

… It’s just not the right time for me to take on a new challenge.

… I have enough on my plate.

luckily that’s not you!

You know that true growth and change is driven by serious commitment, intention, and focus. You also know in your gut that challenging yourself to dream bigger and aim higher is what will make you a stronger leader. Isn’t that what leadership presence is all about?!

it’s your turn!

Are you ready to make a big change in your life but lack the support, courage, and path to take the leap?

I don’t want you to just keep dreaming. I don’t want you to be living with regret; rather I want to help you get into proactive reflection and action so you can turn your dreams into reality.

I have taken all that I have researched and all that I have learned about strengthening my own feminine leadership presence and put together my Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising program for ambitious women like you.


What can I expect from Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising?

The program draws from the thought leadership and research from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Standing at the Crossroads, Integral Coaching, (which I am certified in) and the works of Kristi Hedges, The Power of Presence, John Gerzema and Michael D’AntonioThe Athena Doctrine, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Executive Presence and Ora Shtull, The Glass Elevator.

During the program, I will work in partnership with you as your trusted coach and confidant with customized support and expert guidance.You and I will work through and address five key developmental themes for women that are essential to guiding your development and creating a signature leadership presence that is uniquely yours. The program focuses on developing your inner presence because getting your inside right will get your outside right (when I say right I mean what is right for you as defined BY you).

At its core the program will help you embrace a new way of thinking, being, and doing.

I’ll guide you on a journey that will get you working on a unique set of 5 practices (the Pillars) to create a life where you are:

  • Authentically you
  • Connecting with people who support and lovingly challenge you
  • Driving your destiny
  • Living a more whole life
  • Gaining self-clarity

All of your exploration, reflection, learning, change, and action in these five Pillars will be what transforms your current leadership presence into a signature one.

Women work with me because of my passion, drive, and sense of fun. They value the love, humour, depth and scope I bring that opens up insights and possibilities, and offers a path forward that includes activities that are custom-designed just for them.

I focus on the kind of person a leader is: someone vibrantly alive, sensitively attuned, and deeply creative; someone who keeps looking ahead to see the future that is coming; who builds the capacity of others; and who works to bring agility, resilience, and respect to every situation.

When the whole person is worked with, real results emerge. With leadership of this kind, a woman’s personal and professional life flourishes, excellent results follow, and creativity blossoms.


Women who work with me learn to open up and accomplish more.

What you will learn and do to achieve results

Module 1: Your Current Way of Being

I define Leadership Presence as leading yourself and others with your authentic, best self. In the first module, I focus on learning more about you, and your leadership presence accomplishments, desires, and challenges. You will learn about the Integral Coaching approach which is designed to meet you exactly where you are. As you move through the program you’ll embody a new way of being that will profoundly alter how you do life and your life’s work. You will gain a deeper understanding of the:

  • Five developmental themes that are foundational to your leadership presence
  • Program expectations, support, and logistics
Module 2: Your NEW Way of Being

In this module, you will learn what the unique context and focus will be for your custom-built Integral Coaching program to develop your signature leadership presence. This module is designed to set you up for success by:

  • Getting you to examine how your current way of being is really holding you back.
  • Moving away from your current way of being towards your magnetic future way of being.
Pillar 1: Be Authentically You

ThiiyoubedrocfoundatiotthfouothepillarsBeing confident comes from being true to yourself and to others. This is the mark of a true leader that others want to follow because they can trust you.

The goal here is to get you on a more authentic path a greater self-awareness, prioritized and more aligned values to live, vision for the future, and greater belief in yourself. This means that your daily actions are in concert with your deeply held values and beliefs.

Being more authentically you results in a leadership presence that exudes:

  • Energy and Passion
  • Inner wellbeing
  • Confidence
  • Engagement
Pillar 2: Live a Whole Life

ChoosintlivauthenticallmeanthayowantinvesyouprecioulifolivinyoupurposeleadewhmindfulllivehepurposanhelpothertdthsameisomeonotherwilwantfollowHere you will explore and implement techniques to help you live a comprehensive, whole and balanced life, a whole life driven by purpose. This is an activity that requires active maintenance and recalibration over the lifespan. For many women, there are two types of problems with life balancing; problems with one’s whole life being about work and problems with trying to combine work with other aspects of life.

Living a whole life will signify to others that you are a leader who:

  • Who knows what her purpose is
  • Establishes clear priorities and sets boundaries
  • Commits time for reflection
Pillar 3: Be Clear

A woman with leadership presence has a clear and realistic picture of who she is (strengths, weakness, needs, limitations, and preferences) and how she fits in the world so that she can navigate effectively through life.

In this module, you will learn how to gain more self-clarity by working on the following:

1. Dealing witthselfdefeatinpatterniyoulife.
2Paying attentiotwhaihappeniniyouenvironment and taking action on how to best move forward.
3Making selflearninangrowtmindsepriority.

Gaining self-clarity will round out your leadership presence because you will be able to:

  • Identify self-defeating patterns and strategies so as not to repeat them.
  • Orient to learning by viewing yourself objectively.
  • Weave your life as a story.
  • See hardship as a part of personal evolution.
  • Understand and deal with organization and gender dynamics.
Pillar 4: Drive Your Destiny

Having a purpose is what drives us to find our way and as a leader you need to activate the personal purpose in others. Effective agency (the desire to control your life and excel) is necessary because it helps women like you achieve their personal and professional goals. Knowing your purpose, acting assertively on your own behalf and developing effective agency making things happen for you rather than letting things happen to you is the learning focus of this module.

Specifically you will work on:

1.A� SettingA�realisticA�andA�specificA�goals.
4.A�Becoming moreA�openA�toA�possibilities.

Driving your destiny supports a leadership presence that is characterized by:

  • Self-sufficiency
  • Self-advocacy/promotion
  • Being appropriately assertive
  • Claiming and naming your expertise
Pillar 5: Grow Your Tribe

According to research, an inner sense of connection to other people is the central organizing force in women’s development. You will learn and will begin the work of building, maintaining, and nurturing important relationships as a source of joy, comfort, health, feedback, and meaning.

Having strong and meaningful connections results in a leadership presence that exemplifies:

  • Support
  • Honest feedback as a means to refine, change or confirm self-understanding
  • Creativity
  • Achievement
  • Emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health

Video: Your Signature Leadership Presence

At the 14-week point, you have worked really hard and have covered a lot of territory. This is your opportunity to pull together all that you’ve learned and accomplished, to look ahead and identify what your continued Leadership Presence work will encompass, and to acknowledge those who helped you along the way, into a big reveal video with me as your host. All this, with attention on you looking and sounding super fabulous during our video conversation! This will be a keepsake for you.

In 16 short weeks with me, you’ll get:

Leadership Presence Coaching, Learning, Practice, Coaching, and Video

  • Start with my Welcome Package and one weekly online 1:1 uninterupted 90-minute coaching call together for your first two weeks with me to really get you kick-started and excited about the program.
  • Five bi-weekly (every two weeks) theme modules – the Pillars, that each include; a coaching call to review the previous Pillar and to introduce the new Pillar. You will leave the calls with clear, focussed actions to take supported by a Pillar practice workbook for you to complete.
  • Video production of Your Big Reveal: Your Signature Leadership Presence, that you get to keep as a testimony and celebration as to how far you’ve come.
  • On the weeks we don’t have a call you will have full email access to me. Submit your questions, ideas, insights between modules directly to me for personalized help and support, to maintain your momentum and accountability .

Group Networking, Accountability and Support

  • A private and exclusive Facebook forum to connect with other women who are in the program and who are all about making a difference in themselves and in the world.
  • Additional access to me by posting your questions in our private Facebook Forum.
  • Networking and accountability opportunities.

Plus for three months after the 16 week program, you’ll also get:

Bonus #1 Maintaining Your Leadership Presence Momentum (Value: $1500)

To ensure your total success after you have completed the program, you will receive two more 50 minute coaching calls within the next three months. There will be no new material to cover; rather, this is your opportunity to zero in on the issue(s) that you’d like to revisit for an even deeper dive, with my help.

More Bonuses

Bonus #2: Refer a Friend who Signs up for the Program ($500.00 US from me to you)

If a friend of yours signs up for the program and tells us that she was referred by you, I will send you $500.00 US!

Bonus #3: Lifetime Membership in Our Exclusive Facebook Forum (Value: Priceless)

Maintain and access all the connections, support and accountability you need to keep on your leadership presence journey.

Bonus #4: Lifetime Alumni Email Support From Me ($500.00/month value)

Personal monthly emails from me to all program alumni to support you in your continued journey. Based on what I send, you can email questions that you are working through yourself. I will reply!

Total value of the program: $7500.00 US

Your Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising Program Pricing: $5000.00 US

Program Testimonial

I had been working for a company for two years and during that time I completely lost myself. I lost my self-confidence and began to doubt myself as a leader. I was unable to stand up for myself when my abilities were questioned. In meetings, even though I had contributions to make, I remained silent for fear that my ideas were not good enough. My leadership presence was non-existent and I worried that not only would I not be considered for promotions, that I could get fired. I tried different things to restore my confidence, but what I really needed was a concrete program to get me into learning and action mode.

A friend of mine told me that she had heard Alexandra speaking at a conference about her leadership presence program – Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising. I checked out the website, booked a discovery call, spoke with Alexandra and signed up!

The program was a real turning point for me both personally and professionally! It was a lot of work, but work that I needed to do on myself, for myself. At first, I was a little nervous, but Alexandra’s loving and light-hearted sense of fun and focus was a great balance that helped me to not be so critical of myself. The modules were exactly what I needed to tackle many parts of my life that needed attention and change. I learned so much about me, how to lead others, my self-defeating patterns, and what true leadership presence is. I am more authentic and way more self-confident and my path forward is clear. Since the program, I am confidently looking for new advancement opportunities. I highly recommend Alexandra Salamis and her program, it has been a life changer for me!

Jill S.

What Happens After You Apply?

Once you’ve applied we will set up a welcome call with you, and send out our Welcome Packet to you. The Packet is full of information and things for you to think about and do in advance of starting the program. This will help you get organized and set you up for total success.

What Makes this Program Different?

Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising is no ordinary program. It’s a transformational deep dive launching pad into doing what it takes to strengthen your leadership presence. The hybrid program has been developed to meet the unique needs of high-achieving women within an exclusive Facebook forum.
Most leadership presence programs focus on developing only the outside you; your appearance, your communication, and how you act. Our program does a deep-dive into your inner leadership presence development because we know that as you develop on the inside, the new outside you will get catalyzed by your inner work. In other words, your inside work will authentically shine through for all to see. Having said all that, we don’t stop at the inner work; rather the program also provides you with an opportunity to bring it all together (the inner and the outer), by showcasing your signature leadership presence via a recorded video conversation with me.
There are plenty of courses you can take and events you can attend that teach you how to strengthen your leadership presence, but none of them take the time to really help you bust through what’s holding you back from accomplishing your goals. If you don’t do the deep and authentic inner work of the soul first, none of the external strength building tactics and strategies you learn will make a difference. This is a serious program for women who are serious about shaping their destiny.
Similar programs only provide an online self-development experience without any human touch 1:1 coaching or support. Other’s, provide 1:1 coaching without the community support of others and sharing any takeaway tools, approaches or techniques based on verifiable research or experience. Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising does both. It is a hybrid program that balances between women accessing their own wisdom and practical thought leadership from others and myself on leadership presence. All of this is blended into Integral coaching, workbooks, takeaways and a community of support designed to maximize your development!
During the program, I share tried and true tools, techniques, frameworks and mindset practices that have helped me be the leader I am today!
When you come to the program, you’ll connect with the deepest part of yourself the part that’s probably been hiding away. Once you reconnect with that strong and powerful side, you’ll be able to move past fear and lean on love when you’re presented with opportunities or challenges.

My promise to you:

In 16 weeks you will gain more than a ton of great information, learning, and insight. You’ll experience a new way of thinking, seeing, being and doing that will get you solidly on the path to greater authenticity, clarity, connection, wholeness and to being the author of your own life.
You will leave the program with a signature leadership presence that feels natural and authentic to you, that will influence and engage others and will benefit you in all aspects of your life.


This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to commit to yourself by making your dream personal life and professional life a reality.
  • You’re ready to work on growing your confidence to lead your life and others with purpose, passion and presence.
  • You’re ready to put in the time, attention and effort required to close your competency and confidence gap.
  • You understand that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are highly linked to your success in life and as a leader.
  • You want to achieve the kind of success that reflects the truth of who you are, and you understand that the only way to begin to do that is through honest self-reflection, action and at times getting out of your comfort zone.
  • You want to make your mark on the world and what you need for success is new knowledge, support and an awesome roadmap to get there.
  • You value an investment in the personal-you in the same way that you value investing in professional-you through courses, degrees, and certifications.

Admit that you’re just not ready yet if:

  • Your heart’s not in it. For this to work your heart’s gotta be in it! I can’t do the work for you.
  • The pain of changing is greater than the pain of not changing.
  • You have deep psychological issues perhaps from your past that are still impacting you and maybe now is not a good time to pursue this.
  • You’re indecisive or noncommittal – this isn’t a leader stance, so maybe working on being a real deal leader just isn’t for you.
  • You don’t believe that investing your time and money in your self-development isn’t equal to what you have invested in your credentialing.

What happens if you don’t take action now

I was crushed when I was told as an executive that I didn’t have executive presence. Being told I didn’t have executive presence was a wake-up call for me because it made me realize that I needed to do something to close my competence and confidence gap.

You can keep going it alone and have a similar experience to mine

Closing my competence – confidence gap on my own took years and was unnecessarily frustrating because I had a lot of false starts and at times I got busy with other things and lost focus. Plus, I didn’t have a roadmap based on research and experience to help me get from here to there, and I didn’t have the support of a coach and a group of ambitious women on the same journey.

Or you can put an end to struggling and join my program where I’ll guide you through a journey that will set up the expertise, coaching and support conditions necessary to get you practicing and creating a life where you are:

  • Authentically you,
  • Growing your tribe,
  • Driving your destiny,
  • Living a whole life, and
  • Gaining self-clarity.
All of your exploration, reflection, learning, change, and action in these five themes will be what transforms your current leadership presence into a signature one. All in just 16 weeks.

Questions and Answers

What is leadership presence?

Leadership presence is how you show up. Much of it is wordless. The way in which you have an impact on others is often not about what you say to them, but how you are with them. It’s about the one story you tell to yourself and others, and the way you act, connect and treat people.
Leadership presence is a life skill. Not only is it important for leaders, it’s important to all who want to LEAD their lives with purpose and passion.
There has to be authenticity, and clarity from the inside out. I am talking about your inside story to yourself and your outside story to others. Your two stories have to align, otherwise, it’s fragile and won’t hold up under pressure.
The benefit of leadership presence is that you walk in the world self-assured and feeling more confidence. It comes from within you, it’s not something that you can fake. Besides being inauthentic, faking takes a lot of energy, energy you could be using to make you dreams happen. 
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Picture of Alexandra Salamis smiling

discover how to lead from a place of authenticity and connection


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