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We’re all walking this earth together. Let’s show up for each other.

With twenty-five years of experience under my belt, I come to you as an award-winning executive, as a Certified Leadership Development Coach, and a Forbes Coaching Council Member with two Master degrees in in the areas of human and organizational development. I work with aspiring and current women leaders who want to strengthen their leadership presence.

know what you’re going through right now…

Years ago as a leader in a predominately male-led environment, I felt uncertain and lacked confidence as I struggled with conflicting thoughts such as, If I strongly express my opinions in the meeting, will I be perceived as a b***h? If I am more demure, will I be taken seriously? If I promote myself and share my accomplishments when asking for a raise, will I be viewed as arrogant?

Self-doubt cut me off from accessing my leadership abilities. To top it off, when I did pursue an even higher-level executive position, I was told that I lacked executive presence. I was crushed!

A month later I came to understand what was really going on. The woman who did get the position had a dominant, power-hungry leadership style. Licking my wounds, I left the organization and over time as I continued to reflect on my future as a leader I came to realize and learn many things.

I made it my mission to further develop myself as a leader and in doing so I realized that much of what I had to do was get really solid on developing my own self-leadership. So I buckled down, worked hard, did the research and discovered that strengthening my leadership presence would involve getting very clear with myself on some key themes. I recognized that I needed to be inwardly solid, fully present and grounded as a leader in order to be true to myself.

The biggest thing I learned was that strengthening my Leadership Presence was not about becoming something that I’m not; rather it’s about being more of who I already am! When I began to implement all this, that’s when things really came together for me.

Fast Forward to today

My life is very different now. I created a life where I am more authentic, and connected to people who support me, drive my destiny, live a more whole life, and have greater self-clarity. All of these characteristics combine to create my signature Leadership Presence.

I am President of my own coaching and consulting company. Because I’ve used my own techniques, approaches, and advice, I know what works and doesn’t work. I have helped hundreds of women rise in their own work and lives, step by empowering step.

I work internationally online as a Leadership Coach and Consultant primarily with aspiring and current women leaders, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs and start-up founders. 

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