“The world needs more women leaders like you, women who are smart, ambitious, and keen to make a difference.”

Alexandra Salamis

Leadership Development Coach

After just one session, Alexandra opened my eyes to how to approach my goals, how to “lead my life”, and how I could incorporate all of my passions into a career I love.

If you want to…

lead from a place of authenticity, clarity, connection, drive, and wholeness.
make your personal and professional life the best it can be.
act comfortably assertive on your own behalf.

make things happen rather than letting things happen to you.
have your deeply held values and beliefs drive how you are as a leader.
be admired and respected as a leader with presence.

If these things are something you want, then Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising is for you!

Alexandra listened so carefully. She is charismatic, strong, positive, and so funny! We laughed and connected in such a short time.

Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising

I’m ALEXANDRA SALAMIS, an award-winning executive, and a Certified Leadership Development Coach. Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising (P3) are a suite of coaching programs designed for current and aspiring women leaders who want to strengthen their leadership presence and confidence to develop their brand. This is all about developing your leadership brand from the inside-out.

I have designed P3 to help you become the kind of leader you most want to be and the kind of leader others want to follow. My coaching programs will change the way you lead your personal and professional life.

I work with women who are feeling frustrated and stalled professionally or personally or both. If this is you, then I know how you feel. Years ago, as an executive, I was told that I lacked executive presence and as a result was passed up for a promotion. I was crushed! I believed I had the qualities to be a successful leader, but despite my best efforts, I always felt I came up short.

The good news is that this isn’t about personal weakness. The real problem is that study after study continues to indicate that there is resistance to women’s leadership. The problem with our society is that when it comes to leadership it favors masculinity over femininity. Masculine qualities are considered more powerful and more leader-like.

The feminine roles of c0-creating solutions that invite inclusion and diversity—these are feminine qualities of leadership that are invaluable, yet often missed and undervalued.

As women we need to lean into our own feminine leadership strengths – strengths that come from an authentic, powerful and feminine core.

The world needs more women who are empowered to lead like women

You may be thinking, “That’s great for you, but I’m not that lucky.”

Luck has nothing to do with it. You may be…

… thinking that some people just have leadership presence; they’re born with it. That’s just not true. Most successful leaders focus work hard on strengthening their leadership presence. 

… afraid to be authentic. It takes courage and trust in your own style of being to confidently lead others. Being confident means being true to yourself. This is the mark of a true leader, the kind you want to be — the kind you need to be.

… you are up against the glass ceiling and you want to be part of the growing number of women breaking through it?

… knowing that the world needs more women leaders like you whose feminine leadership presence is more inclusive, compassionate, and emphasizes the greatest good in facilitating true and effective change.

… unconsciously emulating a style of leadership and interaction based on command and control, which leaves you feeling split between how you want to be and how you think you should be.

… thinking that strengthening your Leadership Presence is about becoming something that you’re not; actually, the opposite is true, it’s about being more of who you already are.

… wanting to feel more confident in your unique feminine expression of power, influence, and leadership. If so, you need to devote time to valuing what that is, naming it and then applying it to your personal and professional life.

Isn’t it time to release your inner leader by closing the gap between your competence and your confidence?

I think that if you are still reading this, maybe it is time to take action!

There are many ways to lead and what makes leadership successful is the alignment of your leadership presence with who and how you are. Through this program, you will learn to lead with authenticity, drive, clarity, wholeness, and connection – and I will be right there with you, coaching and supporting you every step of the way.

You don’t need a title to be a leader. We are all leaders because we are the ones leading our lives. I know that improving your leadership presence be it in your workplace, your community or in your life, is an inside-out job. That is, we as women lead best by honouring ourselves in activating our unique purpose, values, skills, strengths, and talents and by taking care of the things that are standing in our way. Coming from this inspirational core and leading from where you are, you can naturally make a profound difference with impact.

Since seeing Alexandra I have been able to organize my thoughts and goals which resulted in being accepted in grad school! I want to thank her for her positive leadership and strong feminine influence. I hope that she never stops helping women reach their full potential.

I think that if you’re still reading this then it’s time for you to take action!

You’ve hit a point where your leadership development needs some love.

My coaching programs will amplify your inner strength and ability to not be thrown off your centre. It is for women who want to be seen and heard in a way that is authentic, powerful, and feminine. All of this within a supportive community of other women who are also stepping into this courageous place.

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discover how to lead from a place of authenticity and connection


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