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Alexandra Salamis


Helping You Grow Your Business.

Contributing to your success is what fuels my passion to grow leaders and their organizations. I do this by transforming people and organizations for a digital world.

Changes around the globe are forcing businesses to learn new ways to operate. Technology by itself will not transform your business. The people dimension of digital transformation is the key to unlocking value and ensuring change sustainability. Businesses are human institutions. It is people that make businesses work.

This means that the most important task for leaders in the face of such changes is mobilizing themselves and people in their organizations to actively embrace constant change.

With over 25 years’ experience working with executives and their teams, I am dedicated to simultaneously renewing leaders and the businesses they lead. I do that by playing an active hands-on role that is connected to a leader’s reality. No cookie-cutter best practices.

Switched-on leaders hire me because I help them build the kind of organization, culture and leadership, needed to boost performance and profit.

Great solutions for great results


“Great solutions create great results when there is commitment, passion, discipline, alignment and courage.”

Alexandra Salamis

Imagine your organization achieving amazing results by maximizing it’s people potential.
Drawing from our talent and experience, all of our solutions have been carefully designed and are fully scalable to help you reach your goals.
Check out what Integral Leadership Design can do for you.

Premium Performance Results

The Premium Program: Your Ultimate Performance Advantage. High performance organizations recognize the importance of “just-in-time” action. These organizations also use just-in-time coaching and consulting services.  That is, agile talent is an effective way to develop your overall talent, teamwork, leadership and culture. As a result of this kind of program you...

Laser Coaching

Do you have a specific people-centred leadership challenge on which you need a fresh perspective? I can help. I solve the “people pain points” that keep leaders awake at night. A Laser Coaching session might be the quick fix you need. If so, we can spend an hour on the...

Coaching to Accelerate Your Performance

Use Coaching to Maximize Leadership Potential. Leadership coaching is about partnering with current or aspiring leaders in a thought-provoking, stimulating and action-oriented process that inspires people to maximize their potential. In an nutshell, coaching is about bringing out the best in people. Maximizing your leadership potential is particularly important in...

Assessing Your Organization For Success

How is your company doing? Many leaders wonder, “How are we doing?”. Integral Leadership Design’s Assessing for Success Snapshot answers this question— by telling you how you are doing, what you are doing well and why you may not be fully achieving your business goals. Imagine assessing the challenges and...

Speaking With Leaders About What It Takes

In the face of change and disruption, people look for leaders who are simultaneously strong and vulnerable, heroic and open, and demanding and compassionate. Leading well amid those opposing demands can feel like an impossible balancing act. My goal is to challenge old style leadership thinking by speaking about what...

Are you interested in results and are you ready to take your organization to the next level? Alexandra Salamis looks forward to providing you with a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about you and your organization. Maximize Your People Potential.

What's some of our clients are saying...


Patsy D.
Business Partner
Invaluable Advice and Support

I was part of Alexandra’s Change Management team working on the organizations first ever Business Transformation Project. During this time Alexandra’s responsibilities grew. While on the team, she took on the role of coach to all Senior Members of the Project Team, providing invaluable advice and support. Alexandra Salamis is highly effective and comfortable working at both the operational and strategic level. Alexandra’s trust in her team’s abilities was empowering, she was always there to listen, bounce ideas off and provide support with a personal and human touch whenever needed. She respected her teams’ knowledge, experience and contribution to the project and led the team with integrity.

Gwen M.
A Life Changer

I came to work with Alexandra Salamis at a turning point in my life. Call it good timing, chance or fate but meeting Alexandra was a life changer. She opened my eyes to realities and new opportunities and she provided me with the tools to put them in place. She not only offered professional, ethical and knowledgeable coaching but went beyond the call of duty by providing a supporting ear, demonstrating empathy and often using humour and her communicative laugh to help me get through difficult moments. I am grateful to call Alexandra my coach, my guide and now my friend.

David M.
Creating a High Performance Team

Our executive leadership team was embroiled in conflict and low trust between members was palatable. We worked at crossed purposes with each other. We were a “team” in name only. I realized that this was seriously eroding our effectiveness in providing leadership to the organization and quality to our clients. Alexandra Salamis walked into a minefield and created an atmosphere from the start that was non-threatening, safe yet challenging at the same time. She provided the platform from which we could respectfully address the root causes of our conflict and mistrust. From the beginning, I was skeptical about us becoming a true team again. With authenticity, courage, patience and good humour, Alexandra skillfully worked with our team to turn conflict into cooperation and suspicion into trust. She did a phenomenal job! I highly recommend Alexandra for those who need help with creating and sustaining a high-performance team.

Joanna P.
Manager, GoC
A Trusted Confidant

With a new Deputy Minister, a new Director General and new requirements for streamlining, the need for change became apparent across our branch. As part of the overall branch streamlining efforts, Alexandra Salamis was hired to work with me to develop and implement more efficient and effective work processes in the team I manage. Alex is a great individual. Not only is she knowledgeable but also very approachable and full of positive energy. She knew how to present and introduce changes without creating hostility and was a guiding force during the conception and the implementation of the new processes. Very likeable, Alex has a wonderful personality and one feels like working with a friend, a trusted confident, rather than with a consultant. As a result, better cooperation and understanding were created. Alex helped me to look in a different way at my team’s work in order to streamline some of its components. She demonstrated that change could be good and presented it in such a way that it was well received by the employees. I absolutely recommend Alex.

Chris L., Partner
Alexandra is the best of them all

I’ve worked with Alexandra Salamis on a number of projects as well as being coached by her. I highly recommend her for any potential coaching or consulting engagement. She is thoughtful and professional; frequently providing out of the box solutions to seemingly intractable problems. I’ve had a number of coaches in the past and in my experience, Alexandra is the best of them all. She is knowledgeable with extensive hands-on C-suite business experience and expertly manages to walk the fine line between challenge and support.

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