In coaching I collaborate to assess and understand you as a leader, by exploring your aspirations, challenging current constraints, exploring new possibilities, and supporting you to achieve your goals.

Integral Leadership Design works with aspiring and current executives and managers who want to make a difference. I work with individuals and teams who recognize that change is necessary to sustain breakthrough growth and success. Engaging in a coaching program acts a an accelerant to improve your outlook and approach to work and life while unlocking your leadership potential.

Eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies now offer executive coaching to their leaders.

You may have wonderful ideas but do you have the interpersonal skills to gain the support of your people or the loyalty of your customers? In coaching, the focus is on supporting you to become a better leader. I do this by providing you with the necessary guidance to enhance your performance through an ongoing process of assessment, challenge, support and action.

Dialogue is at the heart of the coaching process. That, along with deep listening and open-ended questions are used to find out what is interfering with accomplishing your goals and what mindsets maybe standing in your way. If you are a switched – on leader, who is committed to unleashing your own greatness and being a positive contributor to others, then coaching just might be for you.

When you improve, your entire team and organization benefits. Imagine coaching as an accelerant to that improvement. Don’t delay. Give us a call or drop us an e-mailI will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Alexandra Salamis

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